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Disempowering Disappointment – POSTURE Episode 172

Jun 14, 2021

When we feed on God’s faithfulness and give way to delighting in Who He is, His majesty expands our hearts and minds to the point where disappointment no longer diminishes us, we diminish it.

—Key Scripture in this episode:

  • Psalm 37:1-4


Today, we are going to take a “Posture of Peace” by disempowering disappointment.

Posture is a short, audible fist bump to remind you God is with you in everything. Together, we’re going to be emboldened to take a daily Posture of perfect peace.

In Psalm 37:1-4 it says, “do not fret because of evildoers nor be envious of the workers of iniquity, for they shall be cut down like the grass and wither as the green herbs. Trust in the Lord and do good, dwell in the land and feed on his faithfulness, delight yourself also in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart”. This is such good news guys. This is such good news, especially for those of us who have found ourselves stuck in disappointment. In last week’s episode, Episode 171, you know, I talked about pointing our imaginations in the right direction, pointing our imaginations towards the goodness of God, because where our minds go, we eventually go.

You know, I have been so disappointed before that eventually it became my lifestyle. Disappointment became my lens for how I viewed the world around me, how I viewed myself, even how I viewed God. I lived with this exhausting responsibility of trying to make the gap between my expectations and reality as small as possible. So what happened was I just ended up living with really low expectations in an effort to protect myself from more disappointment. I expected rejection, so I avoided asking for help. I hated asking for help. I expected things not to work out, so I would enter into situations, you know, pointing out all that could go wrong ahead of time just to make sure that I wouldn’t be disappointed if it did go wrong. I expected to be let down, so I just didn’t depend on other people. And here’s, what’s so sad about that lifestyle.

It wasn’t obvious to me that I was living that way. In my mind and heart, it was just the way that I was. Like it was my personality, but in Christ, you don’t have to stay the way you are. You get to become all He is so that as he is, so are you in this world. And Jesus Christ is not stuck in disappointment. You know, the world’s solution for dealing with disappointment is what I did, lower your expectations so that you don’t continue to be disappointed. So you don’t become disempowered by disappointment, but the kingdom’s solution for disappointment is the opposite, it’s to raise your expectations to a place of total delight, so that you disempower disappointment. You see, disappointment is not to be ignored or avoided, it’s to be confronted with the truth of God’s word. His promises, his economy, his beauty, his character, his majesty. When we feed on His faithfulness and give way to delighting in who he is with us, for us, in us, through us, his majesty expands our hearts and minds to the point where disappointment no longer diminishes us, we diminish it.

So today I wanna encourage you, disempower disappointment by giving way to delight. And a great place to start is with giving thanks. Become thankful for who He is, get into the promises of his word, delight in what he said to you, about you and then become delighted in who you are becoming in him. Guys, disappointment is not your inheritance, delight is. So today, go ahead and give yourself a way to delight.